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CDCS Text eBook - Guide to Documentary Credit

Author: Gary Collyer CDCS

Edition: Fifth edition (Latest edition)


Publisher: ICC Publication

Format: PDF

Total page: 564

Author information :

Gary Collyer is Managing Director of Collyer Consulting Global Ltd, a  company that provides trade advisory, consultancy and training services.  He previously worked for Midland Bank/HSBC, Citibank and ABN Amro in  a banking career spanning over 30 years. In his last position at ABN Amro,  he was the Global Trade Product Head based in London. Gary is a Visiting  Professor for ifs University College.


Contents of this eBook are given bellow:

  • The history and use of documentary credits
  • The role of the ICC and the development of the UCP
  • Documentary credits and other methods of settlement
  • Definitions
  • The sales contract
  • Pre-issuance considerations and requirements
  • Issuing a documentary credit
  • Amendments from an issuing bank perspective
  • Advising a documentary credit
  • Confirming a documentary credit
  • Advising amendments to a beneficiary
  • Document characteristics and preparing documents
  • Examining documents
  • Examining transport documents
  • Examining insurance, financial, commercial  and official documents
  • The role of the nominated bank
  • Honour or negotiation
  • Refusing documents
  • Transferable credits, back-to-back credits and assignment  of proceeds
  • The features of documentary credits
  • Standby letters of credit
  • Bank-to-bank reimbursements and reimbursement from  aid agencies
  • eUCP
  • Dispute resolution
  • Overriding considerations 495  Answers to chapter review questions
  • Index

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